Pool Safety Tips For Spring and Summer

The weather is finally changing here in Murrieta, and we couldn’t be happier to see 90-degree forecasts for the upcoming weekend. Throughout the Temecula Valley, homeowners are anxiously awaiting the sunshine to the a dip in their swimming pools and get some relief from the cabin fever we’ve all been feeling during this mandate to shelter in place during COVID-19.

Eager to get out and enjoy our backyard oasis, we don’t want to forget about some very important pool safety measures that can keep our loved ones safe.  Here are some tips to get your pool ready for a safe season of water fun.

Clean the Pool Deck

Pool decking safety may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to pool safety. However, it is important for many reasons. Any debris or pools left on the pool deck can cause someone to trip and fall, potentially even into the swimming pool.

It is good to make it a habit to put all pool toys away in a storage shed when not in use. Also, we recommend washing the decking area frequently, especially after all the rain here to sealer the debris.

Install Removable Pool Fencing and Self-Latching Pool Gate

A removable pool fence with a self-latching gate can help increase pool safety while minimizing the risk of drowning. It encloses the entire pool area, ensuring that children and pets cannot get to the swimming pool when you’re not there.

Making it removable means you can take it down when the pool is in use and you are there to monitor who is in the pool. Otherwise, the pool safety fence can be an affordable way to reduce risk.

removable pool fence around patio

Add a Pool Safety Cover or Safety Net

In terms of pool safety tips, two additional layers of protection include adding a pool safety cover or pool safety net. Both are strong enough to walk on, durable for many pool seasons, and lower the risk of drowning.

Consider Other Pool Safety Devices

Other pool safety devices are also being introduced to provide more alerts, including buoy motion detectors that float in your pool and detect any water movement. If it detects movement, an alarm will sound.

You can also add lighting, including LED lights that are energy efficient, add some color and entertainment, and light up your pool so you can see what’s in the pool at all times.


Clean Pool Tiles

Cleaning pool tiles of algae, debris, and suntan lotion residue can keep these tiles from becoming slick, which would otherwise make them hard to grip if someone was trying to pull themselves out of the pool and to safety.

Maintain Chemical Balance in Pool Water

If the chemicals in your swimming pool water become unbalanced,  the water can become hazardous to those swimming in it.

Test the chemical balance in your pool water weekly, and add chemicals as needed. Or, rely on a pool professional to treat your water to ensure it is free of algae, bacteria, dirt, and organic matter.

Make Rules and Be Vigilant

While you don’t have to post signs like you would see at a hotel swimming pool, it’s important to have guidelines and help everyone in the family understand how to stay safe when they are in and around the pool.

Rules might be things like “no running on the pool deck” and “no swimming without an adult present.”  As one of your most important pool safety tips, discuss why these rules are important.

As a parent, be vigilant about pool safety by never turning your back on anyone in the swimming pool. Always make sure there is an adult present who is paying attention to those who are in the pool.

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