What is the California Residential Pool Safety Code?

In 2018, the 1990s pool safety legislation was finally updated. The California Residential Pool Safety Code is known as the California Pool Safety Act 2018. In 2019, further regulations were required for new pools and permitted renovations.

New Residential Pool Regulations

In the California Residential Pool Safety Code, all new pools and permitted renovations must have at least two additional safety features.

These safety feature options include an enclosure that isolates the pool or spa from the home; a mesh safety fence that isolates the pool or spa (ASTM F2286-05); safety pool cover or automatic cover (ASTM F1346-91); door or gate alarms (UL 2017); door closing and latching systems, with a latch that is at least 54″ above floor; and pool alarms that adhere to ASTM F2208 standards.

Selling Your California Pool Home

Sellers in California are not required to add these safety features to their swimming pool or home before selling it. However, a buyer may request that you  do because a typical home and pool inspection report will reference the need to add safety features.

California Pool Fencing Codes

Pool fences in California need to be at least five feet tall. They need to have gaps between fence slats of four inches or less along with gaps of two inches or less under the fence. Also, pool fence gates must be self-closing and self-latching.

The pool fencing can be three-sided and attached to the house or other structure. However, there would still need to be other safety features.

Mesh safety fences can meet safety requirements when they have self-closing gates. They meet the height and gap requirements plus can connect to walls or perimeter fences.

California Pool Alarm Codes

For the second required safety feature for California pools, many homeowners  choose to secure doors that lead to the pool area

In addition to high-quality removable mesh pool fences, Poolguard offers alarms like their DAPT door alarms.  PoolGuard also offers its PGRM-2 pool alarms, which sounds an alarm at the pool and in the house if anything over 18 pounds falls in the pool.

California Pool Drain Code

In 2002, the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act became law, which meant that  new pools and spas  had to install dual main drain systems. These safer main drain covers help reduce the risk of suction entrapment that previous pool drains caused.

Unlike commercial and public pools, California residential pools do not need  to install dual main drain systems. But, they must replace older anti-vortex main drain covers with new VGB compliant anti-entrapment suction outlet covers or safety drain covers.

How to Adhere to New Residential Pool Safety Laws

If your pool was built before 2007, you do not have to add more safety to your pool.  However, you are still responsible for maintaining your fence and gates.

When you decide to renovate that pool, then you must adhere to the new laws about pool safety. If your pool was built after 2007, two drowning prevention or safety features are required and should have been installed.

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