Pets and Pool Safety

Your dog or cat is not just a pet. They are a family member to most of us. These fuzzy children are so important to us that, like our own kids, we want to make sure they are happy and safe in and around the house.  That includes pets and pool safety.
While you may have seen some pretty funny videos online of dogs enjoying the pool slide while their owners are at work, the reality is that many dogs and cats don’t know how to swim. This has led to many drownings that devastate the families who have lost their fur babies.

Tips For Pets and Pool Safety

There are many ways to keep your pets safe and let them still enjoy the pool just as much as you do.  Here are some tips to alleviate your pets and pool safety concerns.

Learn Animal CPR

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is not just a medical procedure that can save people who have drowned. It can help dogs and cats, too.  You can even get certified in animal CPR just as you would for human CPR.

Here’s an information guide from the Red Cross on how to perform CPR on your pets.

Give Pets a Way Out

When it comes to pets and pool safety, one of the biggest challenges for dogs and cats who are typically good at swimming is finding a way out of the swimming pool.

You can install steps or water ramps that help dogs find an easy exit out of the pool. 

Install Removable Pool Fencing or Pool Cover

There are many types of fencing you can install around your swimming pool to keep your pets out of this high-risk area when you are not around to supervise them.

At SoCal Pool Fences, we offer removable pool fencing that is four or five feet high. Because it’s made from a durable mesh, your pets cannot squeeze through like they might do with a wrought iron fence.

We can also install custom pet pool fences as seen in the pictures within this post. These vary from two feet for small dogs up to five feet for larger breeds.

Also, pool security covers are strong and can withhold the weight of your pets. This is a good alternative should you not want to install a removable pool safety fence.

Pool safety cover

Get Your Pets Some Swimming Lessons

Another tip for pets and pool safety is that you shouldn’t assume your dog knows how to swim even if the doggy paddle was named after them.

There are organizations that teach pets how to swim. Or, you can teach them yourself.  Here is a good article that gives you the step-by-step process to teach your dog how to swim.

Put a Life Jacket on Your Pet

For small dogs, you might want to consider using a life jacket when they are outside near the swimming pool.

There are life jackets made just for dogs as well as cats.  I can’t imagine trying to get a life jacket on a cat, but if you can, then it’s pretty amazing!

Be Prepared

In case your pet does end up in the pool and they need help, it would be good to have some supplies and a plan of action so you can help them.

You can purchase a pet First-Aid kit, which may include a thermal blanket to help them from going into shock. If it doesn’t include a thermal blanket, be sure to have one on hand.

Have the number and address of the nearest emergency pet clinic or vet’s office should you need to get your pet additional medical assistance.

Keep Your Pets Safe

Keeping your pet safe near a swimming pool is not difficult when you know these pool safety tips for pets. You want your pet to enjoy the pool just like the rest of the family, but you also want to have peace of mind that they will be safe.