Pool Guard Pool Nets are a safe and beautiful way to secure your swimming pool.

Pool Guard netting is placed over the pool in about five to ten minutes and can be removed in less time than it takes to place back on.

Reason to Choose a Pool Safety Net

There are many reasons to choose a pool safety net over another type of pool safety equipment:

  • A pool safety net takes up less space.
  • It also is unlikely to obstruct any backyard view compared to a pool fence.  

What is a Pool Net?

The Pool Safety Net is laid across the top of a swimming pool and then pulled tight by a pulley system called a CTS (Central Tension System). Nets are made of a durable high density polyethylene braid.

  • It has been proven to hold up ro 485 pounds, which is required by most states and meets California’s ASTM 1346 standards.
  • The net has maximum U.V. stabilized inhibitors so it does not shrink or fade in harsh environments like extreme heat or cold.
  • The mesh size prevents a toddler’s head from penetrating it. However, it is also large enough so children can not easily move about. Most are very hesitant to step on a net and see it as barrier.

How does it connect to the deck?

Small anchors are drilled and secured into the pool decking every two feet around the pool. There are two options of deck anchors and several wall mount anchors.

These include polyurethane composite anchors in red and sand that holds a firm grip in the concrete and blends with the decking color.  

We also offer a brass anchor that can complement the look of your swimming pool. No matter which anchor you choose, both are safely gripping the concrete to ensure the pool safety net offers the maximum security.

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