How to Plan Your Removable Pool Fence

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One of the biggest benefits of having a removable pool fence in your yard is the flexibility it offers in terms of layout. There are many ways to plan your removable pool fence so it blends seamlessly into your yard.

Here are some options on how to plan your removable pool fence along with pictures that illustrate how it might look.

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Complete Surround

The safest way to plan your removable pool fence is to do a complete surround.

To do that, you’ll need to follow the shape of the deck that surrounds your in-ground pool and in-ground spa, if you have one.

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Split the Yard

Depending on how your patio and pool are laid out in your backyard, you may not need to completely surround the pool with removable pool fencing.

Instead, if you have a narrow backyard, then you can “split the yard” and run a secondary fence across the yard, from side fence to side fence.

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Straight or Curved Removable Pool Fencing?

A straight pool fence is easier and cheaper to install than one that curves in and out, or follows the shape of the pool.

However, in doing so, you may end up sacrificing some internal deck space around the pool. Make sure you have enough space to walk around the pool, sit, or even lounge around it.  When you plan your removable pool fence, it’s important to think about enjoyment as much as security.

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Things to Consider 

When you plan your removable pool fence, make sure the fence line is not near raised walls, planter beds,  or trees. These are good examples of the type type things a child could use to climb over the fence.

You will also need to keep in mind how to incorporate slopes in your backyard or other features. These features include things like a patio cover, outdoor kitchen area, or other water features.

You will also want to think about where you’d like to have your gate that makes it convenient for entering and exiting the pool area. On larger removable pool fence projects, it’s even possible to have more than one gate.

How We Help You Design Your Removable Pool Fence

When we provide you with a free estimate, you will receive a proposed layout. The layout will show you the best way to plan your removable pool fence.  We focus on maximizing security that doesn’t diminish your beautiful view.

Before starting the installation process, we mark out the outline of where the removable pool safety fence will go. You will sign off on the outline first to make sure you are satisfied with the pool fence design.

Get Started Now!

Let us help you design your removable pool fence. Fill out our online request a quote form, and we’ll provide you with a proposed layout and price estimate for pools located in Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, La Cresta, Winchester, and Lake Elsinore.

SoCal Pool Fences Expands Into San Diego

We’re proud to announce that we now serve all of San Diego for removable pool safety fencing. For your pool safety needs, SoCal Pool Fences also installs pool covers and pool nets.

We use high-quality fencing and safety gates from Pool Guard. The materials are all made in the U.S.A. It meets California State Laws (ASTM) Specifications F-2286 for pool fencing required for child adoption, foster parent care, and child care providers. Plus, it adheres to the guidelines developed by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

It stands at least 4-5 feet tall, is easy to set up or take down, and customizable to the shape of your pool area. Also, it offers a patented child-proof system that is self-closing, self-latching, and key lockable, which is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Coverage Area

Recently, we’ve completed removable pool safety installations and repairs on existing pool fences in San Diego, including Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe, Lemon Grove, El Cajon, and La Mesa.

We provide safety fencing for pools throughout the entire San Diego County. With drownings on the rise in San Diego, it’s more important than ever.

Pool Safety Fences in San Diego

Here are some examples of our latest removable pool safety fencing jobs.

These photos illustrate that swimming pools and yards of all sizes can use this type of pool safety fence to protect children and pets.

We’d like to help you keep family, friends, and neighbors safe when they are visiting your San Diego home. We also assist property managers, daycare providers, foster care families, and Airbnb hosts.

Pool Guard is Incredibly affordable with a quick measuring and installation time. Contact us now to get your free quote and learn more about the value and security of adding removable pool fencing to your yard.

The Benefits of Choosing a Removable Pool Fence Over a Pool Net or Pool Safety Cover

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When you have a swimming pool as part of your backyard oasis but you also have kids and pets, safety should be your priority. While you can install locks and door alarms, it only takes a second with your back turned to create a risk you don’t want — and shouldn’t have — to face.

To reduce the risk of drowning, it’s important to put up another layer of defense. Your barriers include permanent fencing and gate, a removable pool fence, a pool net, or a pool safety cover.

SoCal Pool Fences installs pool nets, pool safety covers, and removable pool fences throughout Riverside County, including Temecula and Murrieta, as well as San Diego County. All three provide a secure barrier between children and the pool and pets and the pool. However, here’s why we always recommend installing a removable pool fence from Pool Guard over the other barrier safety fence

Removable Pool Fence

Depending on your yard layout, a removable pool fence can adjoin the house, fence, or wall. The pool security fence is either four or five feet tall and cannot be climbed due to its structure. The fence is designed to meet all safety codes and requirements for foster parents and daycare providers.

Other reasons to select a mesh removable pool fence is that it offers an attractive look and is available in many colors to integrate with your backyard decor.  Plus, sections of the fencing can be temporarily removed. The fencing can be easily dismantled when it’s no longer needed.

Removable pool fence installation requires a core drill or hammer drill for concrete pool decks. A complete fence surround may not be needed if there are other physical barriers or landscaping features that block entrance to the pool area.

Pool Safety Covers  

A pool safety cover stretches tightly across the pool  and are anchored into the pool deck. They are completely non-removable by children and can support the weight of a 4000-pound car. Therefore, even if kids and pets stand on it, the pool safety cover should remain in place.

Putting the cover on or taking it off can take anywhere from five to 15 minutes, depending on the size of your pool.

Pool Safety Nets

Pool safety nets are similarly to pool safety covers except they are a net material instead of solid. These lightweight nets are installed the same way as a pool safety net. Typically, it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to put the cover on the pool or take it off.

Why Choose a Removable Pool Fence

With pricing fairly close across all types of barrier, we prefer the fence because it is safer and provides a secure gate as another barrier made to keep kids and pet out. Our Pool Guard gates are self-closing and self-latching, which means it will close and lock automatically behind you.

Another reason to select a removable pool fence is convenience. It takes time to remove the net or solid covers.  In contrast, the removable pool fence is easy to remove for adults, but not for children. Plus, it can be easily stores without any entanglement because it comes in easy-to-manage sections.

Then, there is compliance. Pool nets and pool safety covers may not be enough if you operate a daycare or have foster children. Most areas of the country actually require some type of fencing at either four or five feet.

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There is no perfect safety solution for swimming pools, and there is no substitute for proper adult supervision around a swimming pool. However, these three barrier options offer a way to reduce the risk of drownings, keeping kids, pets, and visitors safe. Fill out our online form to get your free quote for a removable pool fence, net cover, or pool safety cover today!