Now in the second month of 2020, research organizations have recently published more drowning statistics about drowning accidents and deaths in the United States. The data indicates there has to be more safety measures enacted for swimming pools and spas in our back yards.

Why Do Drowning Statistics Matter?

According to the CDC, drowning is responsible for more deaths among young people than anything else, specifically those among children, aged one to four.

The monthly drowning statistics published call attention to the need that more has to be done to stop what are preventable accidents and deaths. In other words, none of these incidents would have ever had to happen if safety measures had been used.

U.S. Drowning Statistics

The available U.S. drowning statistics look at different age groups. The demographics include children, aged four and younger; children aged 12 and under; teenagers; and adults, meaning anyone older than teenagers.

Here’s a chart of recent data that includes drowning statistics from just last month:

Chart: Drowning Stats for January 2020

January Total Child 4-u Child 12-u Teen Adult
2020-Jan 68 12 1 5 50
2019-Jan 75 6 5 3 61
2018-Jan 76 20 5 3 48
2017-Jan 97 9 6 6 76
2016-Jan 44 10 2 6 26
2015-Jan 54 12 7 7 28
2014-Jan 60 11 3 3 43
2013-Jan 60 6 5 6 43
2012-Jan 76 12 3 5 56
2011-Jan 67 12 6 4 45
2010-Jan 62 13 9 6 34
2009-Jan 56 11 5 1 39

In further analyzing the state of drownings in the U.S., here are drowning statistics that show the data in a map format to identify the greatest areas of drowning statistics:

Drowning By State 2019


Research Sources

These statistics and graphs come from Total Aquatic Programming, LLC and USA Swimming.

You can also find more local statistics about drownings in Riverside County here and in drowning statistics for San Diego County here.

Solutions That May Reduce Drownings

The best way to reduce drownings is through more education and awareness combined with layers of physical protection like pool safety fences and self-latching gates, alarms, and nets or covers. It is also important to be focused on watching kids at all times when there is a swimming pool or spa nearby.

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